« I don’t like podcasts » ep.1 feat Sow Ay



Well. There’s no podcast. And there never will.
I imagined this joke yesterday, I directly texted ExDolore to ask her if she would like to be my accomplice. As she was my BFF she couldn’t say no.
I hope you liked that prank or thought « I should have guessed it » If you thought that, you know me well and you’re amazing !

But in the post on instagram and facebook, I said I would talk about some things on the podcast and I feel bad about lying so here are those things.

Last video game I played : Pokémon Yellow to make a screen capture for a post about depression 2 weeks ago !

Book I’m reading currently : I’m on the Sherlock Holmes these days. I bought the English version 10 years ago thinking « that will be a great English training » but the English was WAY too complicated for me, so I bought the French books 2 years ago, they stayed on the pile of books near my bed for months and now there is one in my bedside table ! But I suck at reading, when I read before sleeping and reopen the book on the following day, I forgot everything. A week ago, I finished a novel and the following day I forgot who was the criminal and why and how. At least I know that Sherlock and Watson solved it ! If they were not super famous, I would probably have forgotten their names too…

What inspires me :
When I was a kid, it was Asterix and Tintin’s comic books. I read them at my Grandparents’ I think that was a key moment in my life.
One day, I saw a video clip by Gorillaz on MTV and that was like a slap in the face so I became a huge fan of Jamie Hewlett’s style ! That was a key moment too.
A concert with a friend (during a night we escaped and almost got killed by our parents) was also a huge kick in the face and that’s maybe playing a lot in why we play music together every thursday evening. Another key moment.

After this gig, I grew up (before too, eh) becoming a lot more fan of music than drawing. I got the internet (well, when my father would let me go on the computer) so I discovered more music.I started a band with 2 friends and bought a drumkit (yes, in that order) against my father’s authorization. Someday, he arrived home someday and saw a drumkit in my room so it was too late.
When I was in high school, I met talented friends who loved drawing. So I drew and started putting things online. And then arrived the « what do you want to do after ? ». I had no clear idea. I visited a school with my friend Mÿmÿ and I realized being a graphic designer might be cool because at that time I knew I sucked too hard for illustration school and also there was no school near my home and I couldn’t leave because I was too scared.

So I did nothing. No school. But that’s a story for a next podcast. (I know, I’m so funny). For curious people, I talked about my mental health story that « started » around that time in here

These days, I love following :
Skottie Young, I love his style, so dynamic and funny. I hope he’ll make a book with the little boy at the end of the world he regularly draw
Gavin Strange, alias @jamfactory, he makes videos, drawings, many things, I loved his book « Do fly » and this guy is so full of positivity, he’s super inspiring
Safely Endangered : in my top 5 for the webcomics
War and peas : in my top 5 too
Drumeo : A drum channel (talking about drums, I discovered what drum covers were with Cobus over 10 years ago and following him all those years was amazing, he played Wembley !!!)
Technically Ron, I loved his book (How To Survive The End Of The world (when it’s in your own head)) and his tweets are fun and full of dark humor !
Joey Chou : his style is so so cute ! He’s in my « I’d love to have that art style » list.
Pascal Campion : he posts digital paintings full of life and colors everyday (he’s also in the list I mentioned just above).
Character Design Challenge : Every month there is a them and every month, tons of artists publish incredible pieces. It’s a facebook group but they are also on insta.
Yeaaah Studio : I’m following them since years, even got his first little artbook (hehe) I love the style and the graphic style.
Dean Schneider, a guy who gave up everything to live his dream and left to create an oasis and save many animals in South Africa
The Happy Newspaper because we REALLY NEED good news
Gurzgesagt, now I can write it without checking ! A youtube channel about Science, I love their animated style and the topics are fascinating.

AND MUSIC ! Bands ! Many bands !! I’ll give you names of bands that deserve to be more famous : The Dose (rock), Imminence (metalcore), Last Train (rock), Psycho Village (rock), Crystal Lake (metalcore), Bilmuri (rock, sometimes heavier), Dear Sherlock (rock), Bad Omens (metalcore), Holding Absence (post-rock/hardcore), The Comfort (post rock/hc) …….

And a special mention for my best real life creative friends (in alphabetical order, so they don’t get jealous of each other) :

ExDolore (she’ll still think I put the best first, I’m sure she chose her name thinking of that !!)
Nam Stram Gram
Pause Reliure

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