New shop !

YEAAAAH !! It’s open !

Some of you were asking for it and that makes me so happy, I really hope you’ll enjoy this !

Print Shop :

_ Aluminium prints : they are printed one by one so it can take some time. It takes about one week to get in my home and I’ll ship it to you in the following days.

_ Paper prints : these are in my home, I’ll this these in the following days.
The A5 bundles are for preorder, they’ll come in november if I get enough preorders to print it.

_ Comic Book : that was a limited edition, it’s still here and there’s not a lot of english edition.





T-shirts shop

I made tons of new designs for this ! I really hope you’ll enjoy it !
The t-shirt shop is handled by Spreadshirt, here are their terms and conditions. For an order in Europe, you can count between a week and two before getting your order, and between 2 and 3 for international shipping.



Geek shop

I love drawing fanarts, so I made some on this little shop.


The geek shop is handled by Teepublic, here are their terms and conditions. For an order out of the USA, you can count between two or three week before getting your order, less for the USA.

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