Mois : <span>novembre 2019</span>


Shop update !

The Mr Hope pins are finally here !! You can now get them on the Forsaken shop. I also added the Inktober original drawings so that’s about 30 original drawings for sale

Get it here !

The preorders left the Forsaken home on monday !

BD / comics

New article on Bored Panda with 68 of my…

New article on Bored Panda with 68 of my most recent comics about mental illness. Including some I haven’t posted yet.

After the 30th, there is a little line that says there are more, click on it to see the 68 comics.

Drawings / Illustrations

All my Inktober Drawings !

This October was #Inktober. Inktober is an annual challenge created by illustrator Jake Parker that challenges artists to create one drawing using ink each day of October.

So, I decided to draw the adventures of my ghosty characters. Meet Tomy the ghost and Ghosty the ghost dog.

I haven’t drawn on paper for fun in a while so it was a very positive experience for me! I also made a few more drawings in digital to see how they would look. They will definitely appear more in my future drawings!

How an original looks 👇

I will add them on my shop soon ! I am waiting to receive my Mr Hope pins to add them all at the same time.