Mois : <span>mai 2020</span>


Mental Health Awareness Week : Sow Ay x The…

A collab’ I’m super happy to share !

A few months ago, I was asked to create a t-shirt design for supporting the Blurt Foundation during Mental Health Awareness Week and I of course immediately said yes !

The full collection « Be Kind To Your Mind » is available on Print Social’s website until the 31st of may :

I already knew The Blurt Foundation and I love their work. It is a charity working on raising awareness about depression, I really recommend their website because it’s full of relatable and super informative articles.

The theme for this year was « Sleep ». Isn’t that perfect for someone who doesn’t know how to ? I made this drawing 3 months ago, so I’m super excited to finally share it !

I wanted a visual that could show how endless a night can feel without sleep so that’s how I ended up drawing sheeps. That’s a way to say it without words so non-English speakers can get it as well ! (Hi Mom !). The design can first look funny and I like that but the story behind is way darker since it’s representing a serious problem. The sheeps have funny faces because I love drawing funny faces but it can also represent the mood swings during the night. Do you identify with one of them ? I personally identify with the black one. (lol, I’m so funny)

Note : the benefits of the collection will be split in half between The Blurt Foundation and the artists, so you help us all continue our work !
Note 2 : this is one of the collab’ I was the most excited about for the first half of 2020 so when all my work got canceled, I hoped very strongly this one wouldn’t !