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We survived 2020 ! [ENG + FR]

Congrats everyone, you made it ! You survived 2020 !
Here is a funny video to celebrate !
After my longer stories (read them here), here are some of my favourite comics and illustrations from 2020 :

Bravo à tous, on l’a fait, on a survécu à 2020 !
Après mes histoires un peu plus longues de cette fin d’année (à lire ici) , voici quelques-unes de mes créations préférées de 2020 :
(les BD plus longues sont en français à la fin de l’article)

Version française :

BD / comics

New article on Bored Panda with 68 of my…

New article on Bored Panda with 68 of my most recent comics about mental illness. Including some I haven’t posted yet.

After the 30th, there is a little line that says there are more, click on it to see the 68 comics.

mental health

World tour in my bed

Those last weeks have been emotional.

It all started when I published some comics about anxiety and depression on Bored Panda.

In the following hours, it was in the popular posts. Just WOAW!! Now, it has over 250K views and over 35K likes.

I got many many beautiful messages from people who wanted to thank me for making them feel understood and less alone. But also from teachers, people and even therapists who wanted to share it with children and students to bring awareness about mental health. I feel so honored and proud. Thank you so much everyone.

I’m thinking about puting it all in a book. Maybe self-publish it. Or find an editor. I don’t know yet, I’m thinking about it.


After that, it was featured on many many websites and in over 5 languages. And I’m sure I missed so many articles. Here are some :

English :
The Huffington post (Life Achievement)
The Independent
The Mighty
Scary Mommy
Stylist Magazine (I’m on Stylist mag!! After all those years seeing people laughing about my look!)
Tought Catalog  (very personal interview)
Depression Army (one of the first who wrote about me)
Mystical Raven

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Topito (« artiste torturé »)

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