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My t-shirt adventure

I’ve always loved creating t-shirt but it wasn’t easy. Here are some moments from my t-shirt adventure.

Click for a zoomed version !

I’m on Ko-fi !

I created a Ko-fi account !

With Ko-fi, you can make a little donation to the creators you like. To help them buy a coffee for example !
I’ve been asked a few time how to support my work if getting a tattoo of a drawing of mine. Well, you can consider supporting a bit on ko-fi !

I also have my patreon for monthly support but I think Ko-fi is also a great tool since I try to live with my creations.

Patreon :

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L’enfant à la fusée

This morning, I received the books I’ll show to publishers ! I’m super scared and excited at the same time !! I hope they’ll want to publish it ! My mom said it looks awesome !
And later, I hope I’ll have the chance to make an English version ! In English the title would be « Rocket Kid ». But if you buy the French version, I’ll ask the publisher if I can send the translation by email. Yeah, I’ve already planned everything, haha !!

Hey !! Ce matin, j’ai reçu les exemplaires de mon petit livre jeunesse qui me permettront de démarcher les éditeurs ! Peur, patience et excitation !
(Ma mère a dit que ça rendait super beau)


Congrès de l’Encéphale

Il y a quelques jours, quelques uns de mes dessins apparaissaient au congrès de l’Encéphale (congrès scientifique de psychiatrie) à Paris, devant près de 900 personnes. Merci Astrid !

Yesterday, some of my drawings appeared in a conference in Paris, in front of about 900 persons. Thank you Astrid !

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I’ve been asked a few time « Are you on patreon ? » and now YES !!

My work about mental health doesn’t pays the bills so you can help me by supporting my work financially on patreon. Patreon allows people to support artists monthly by giving them a few bucks.  And that would give me more time to create !

There won’t be any exclusive content, all will remain for free online, so it’s for people who WANT to and CAN help ! Know that if you help me creating, you also help many people online ! That kinda makes you a hero !


You can also choose to support my work on my shop :
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Or like you’re all doing with your likes, shares and comments.

Thank you so much for being here!!